Heart Disease is America's #1 Killer

Posted by jason gilbert on

Heart disease is a disease that has far reaching effects on families nationwide.  In fact, heart disease is the #1 Killer of Americans.  In fact it claims more lives than ALL cancers combined.

We are Feel My Heart are dedicated to furthering the teaching, research, and treatment for heart diseases.

To combat these diseases much of the work can be started at home with lifestyle choices.  Especially at a young age.  As many of you know diet and exercise play a large part in preventing the onset of these afflictions.

As for genetic predispositions and existing conditions, we are looking to the medical and science communities to help further the current treatments on that front.  Much research has been done, but so much more time and money is needed to continue looking for innovative treatments and discoveries.

Please help us with our cause by taking care of yourselves on this journey we are all on in life, and if you can help us support a few causes financially that are working on treatment and cures.

We could all use a little more heart in our lives ;)




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