About Us

2017 was a life altering year for our family after my daughter received a heart transplant at 18 years old.  

I think about hearts from the minute i wake up to the minute i go to sleep.  As a result I've come to realize that heart symbols (in imagery) have a big impact on all our lives.  The heart symbol means life...it means love...it means strength...it means sympathy...and it means compassion.  

In our mission of sharing life, love, strength, sympathy, and compassion....feelmyhearts goal is to donate 25% of our net profits to support 2 organizations moving forward.  The American Heart Association and DonateLife.

On our new journey i have come to realize that the American Heart Association (and its donors) are compassionately moving forward with making sure that we are funding the teaching, guidance, research, and science devoted to healing/helping our citizens to overcome cardiovascular disease which is America's #1 Killer.  

And first hand we have come to realize that DonateLife is about heroes and survivors.  My daughter is a survivor, and being as such, we want to make individuals aware of how they can be heroes.  We also want to assist with individuals and families during the lead-up and/or aftercare associated with Organ Donation and Organ Transplantation.

We could all use a little more heart in our lives!

Feeling blessed,


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